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Skin & HairAnalysis System

Small and Compact

It is the smallest stand-alone mobile type Analysis system.

Name card wallet size, put it in a pocket.
Do not think it is not powerful because it is small.
It covers all the functions.

  • ASN II 100

  • ASN II 202

  • ASN II 203

ASNⅡ 100

For Skin Analysis


Moisture / Sebum [U/T-Zone] / Pore / Melanin / Acne / Wrinkle  / Sensitivity

ASNⅡ 202

For Hair Analysis


Scalp Status / Hair Density / Keratin of Scalp

Exposure of Scalp’s Vessel / Hair Thickness / Hair Pore Status

ASNⅡ 203

For Hair Analysis


Hair Thickness / Hair Pore Status / Cuticle Status

Rotate it, make simple and comfortable.

Turning head of lens provides the machine simple design and easy usage.
If you always used the fixed location lens, then try this.


Mirroring function

ASN II has the small screen but with mirroring technology customers could watch not only the screen but also the bigger screen during the analysis.
Also it is available to share all the pictures and the result at the end of analysis.

Download - Aram Viewer

Email function

Share all the picture and data from the analysis.
Do not need any more paper receipt or customer card to check the result.
Let customer check the email when they want to see their beauty condition.



Processor / ChipsetS5PV210 ARM-CORTEX A8 [1GHz]-[SAMSUNG]
MemoryDDR SDRAM(512MB) / Micro SD ver2.0(4GB)
OSAndroid 2.3 Google app
Image Camera SensorCamera Sensor - 1/4 Inch Color CMOS [5 Mega pixel]
High Magnification Camera Sensor
Sensor PixelTotal Pixel : 5,038,848 Pixel
Effective Pixel : 4,915,200 Pixel
Image Capture Size*640(H)X480(V)/*2592(H)X1944(V)-[5M]
High Magnification LENS*ASNⅡ-100
1. X30-NL
2. X30-PL
3. X30-UV
4. Skin Sensor
1. X60-NL
2. X60-PL
3. X200-NL(Crop)
4. X200-PL(Crop)
1. X200-NP
2. X600-NP(Crop)
1. Moisture
2. Sebum(U/T-Zone)
3. Pore
4. Melanin
5. Acne[UV]
6. Sensitivity
7. Wrinkle
1. Scalp
2. Density
3. Keratin
4. Redness
5. Pore
6. Thickness
1. Scalp
2. Thickkness
3. Cuticle
FocusingVCM Auto Focusing / VCM Manual Focusing
Touch LCDType: R-Touch TFT LCD / Size: 2.2Inch / Resolution: QVGA[240X320]
BatteryType: Li-ION / Typical Capacity: 1,150mAh
Normal Voltage: 3.7V
File TransferBasic: USB 1.1, USB 2.0 Interface
Wi-Fi: Wireless LAN IEEE 802. 11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: BT Ver3.0+HS
DC IN Adaptor5[VDC]/2[A]
Out Dimension57(W)X 116(H)X 18(D) [Unit : mm]
WeightAbout 120g(with BAttery)
Operating Temperature-10~50℃
Storage Temperature-30~50℃
Operating Humidity5~85%
CradleBattery Charger / File Transfer (USB Interface)
Display MirroringWi-Fi(Wireless LAN) : Smartphone / Tablet[iOS, Android]
PC[Windows, Mac]

End to end

From hardware to software, all the developments were made by Aram HUVIS.
So everything is under control.
It means hardware and software modification is available.